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Winter Trend Recap: '23-'24

Updated: 2 days ago

Winter 2023-24 Trends Collage

Winter '23-'24 Trends collage made on Shuffles by Pinterest

First, a poem:

Icy brights, Winter Whites. ❄️

Scandinavian sweaters and mohair! Neon shoes, graphic tees, statement sunglasses (naturally). Jackets: oversized! Pants: loose and comfy. Sweaters—yes please! but don’t buy one that’s frumpy.

What do we think? Cutting-edge? Cheesy? I'm going for a a mix of both.

With spring just around the corner, I wanted to take note of the trends that I adored this winter, a trend review, if you will. One of the highly favored TikTok "aesthetics" of the season was 'eclectic grandpa,' a look that I definitely got on board with.

I observed a resurgence of prep wear & neons, a continuation of chunky knits and streetwear-inspired looks. Every time I got dressed this season, I thought to myself color, color, color! Baby blues, crisp greens, bright orange and cherry reds.

The trends in this recap are the ones that spoke to me the most, and I hope that they will stick around for another season or two. Enjoy!

1) Brushed Knitwear

Cardigan is by Cos / Sweater Vest by Deima Knitwear / Last image by Nick Riley Bentham

How can I begin to describe the impact these gorgeous sweaters offer us during the most dreary months of the year?! Brushed mohair was a particularly favored look when it came to outerwear this year, and I hope it's here to stay.

2) Chunky Hats

First Image from Le Catch / Blue Hat is by Tio Lee / Green hat by Asos

Toque hats? Chunky beanies? I'll take them ALL! These hats are such a bold statement, and a definite a nod to 90's.

3) Stand-Out Suede Footwear

First Pair from Clark's / Second Pair from Adidas / Last Pair by Dr. Martens

I love a full-fledged 'ugly' footwear moment. "Lesbian footwear" as it has been deemed, is something I have always been slightly ashamed of. Now that I have grown more confident in my gender expression, I embrace the fact that I love colorful footwear, I love comfort, and I LOVE suede. It can be difficult to maintain, but looks so gorgeous. My outfits level up immediately when I put on a pair of statement shoes.

4) Prep School Vibes

First Jacket from Greg Lauren / Second Jacket by F426 / Third Photo from Pinterest

Boarding school chic or varsity team captain—I love a preppy look for fall & winter. It feels so chic, so streamlined, and will have you feeling like the most mysterious bitch in the grocery store. For spring & summer, I'm hoping to find a cute mesh sports jersey to layer over a white tank.


First Image: source unknown / Suit is from Tanner Fletcher Spring 2023 / Pants are from Lisa Says Gah

No one can deny that the bow trend has taken over the Internet! And though its days of fame may be coming to an end, bows will remain an incredibly playful addition to any outfit. In the photos above, I've included some more gender-neutral takes on the trend.

6) Blankets as Clothes

First Vest by Vicki Malone / Quilted Track Suit by yllw the label / Blanket Stitch Coat by Toteme

Perhaps the coziest trend of them all... wearing quilted garments and up-cycled blankets has stuck around since the early pandemic days. This winter, I noticed more pieces featuring the esteemed blanket stitch, adding a touch of craftsmanship.

7) CREAM: The New White After Labor Day

First Outfit from @aniyahmorinia / Second Image from Rowing Blazers / Knit Vest by Kai Kotto

MY LOVE LETTER TO THE COLOR are the most gorgeous, yummy, sexy color to wear during winter. Cream is an excellent choice for warm-toned complexions, but can easily be paired with true white to create balance. There's nothing more powerful than rocking a tonal white outfit, which I did MANY times this winter season.

Well y'all, that's all I have for you today. And by "all I have," I mean that this took me approximately 5-7 hours to put together. But hey! We love crediting artists and designers for their work!

Catch you next time for another trend wrap-up!

xx, Court


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