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Accessories To Show Off Your Year-Round Pride 🌈

Updated: Apr 10

We all know that June is Pride month. But did you know that July is also Pride month? And there are usually a few Trans Pride events in August... and September. And well, we know that gays love Halloween... and Christmas. Also, isn't Easter all about Jesus' top surgery?!?

Suffice to say, I love Pride. I love rainbows. However, you won't often find me in a bedazzled rainbow shirt or hanging up a lesbian flag on my wall. So, how do I communicate I am gay to the masses? (An unflattering layered asymmetrical haircut, anybody?)

Today, let's talk subtle pride merch for our baby gays who aren't out yet, the older gays who are tired of rainbow-everything, tasteful looks to appease the Fashion Gays™️, and pride wear for every day of the year!

For the Fashion Femmes:

Mini Rainbow Necklace

Try this Bar Rainbow Gemstone Necklace from KIKICHIC, an NYC-based jewelry brand that I personally love. It's cute, it's great for everyday wear, and it will let your hot barista know that you are in fact, part of the "alphabet mafia."

For the Queer Android-Users & Gays in Stem:

Unique Rainbow Watch

This Pride watch from Project Watches is so cool, so complicated and so beautiful. You will need a PhD to be able to tell the time, but hey, it's a cute accessory! What's even cooler is that 5% of all profits of the watch will be donated to the True Colors United initiative to fight youth homelessness and raise awareness for LGBTQ issues.

For the Sporty/Active Queers:

Rainbow Striped Sunglasses by goodr

Okay.. maybe these are not so subtle. But did you really think I could write a blog post without plugging my own styling work? Look cute as heck and support the LA LGBT Center with each purchase of the Get Your Priorities Gay glasses by goodr. They are super affordable, no-bounce, non-slip, and polarized so you can wear them on your run/walk/hike/jog/gym/biking excursion.

For the Office and Industry gays:

Pride Ribbon Lapel Pin

First of all, I see you and I appreciate you! Working an office job as a queer person is no easy task. (Personally, I hated it actually!) These Ribbon Bar Pins from Each Pride are just darling. They come in so many pride flag colors, including the trans, bisexual, agender, non-binary, lesbian, pan, aromantic/asexual, and even ✨ally✨ Think of this pin as you saying, "Look at me. I'm visible." This shop is also TRANS-OWNED!! So let's all show them some love!

For the ~Subtly~ Horny Gays:

Vintage Two-Finger Salute Girl Scouts Pin

Don't think I forgot about you guys!!! This vintage Girl Scout Two Finger Salute pin will pair perfectly with your scissor tattoo. We all know how gay Girl Scouts is, but the Two Finger 'salute' is going to send an even more appropriate message to all the scissor sisters out there. (Fun fact: I was a girl scout for 10 years... I know.)

Hope you enjoyed this one y'all! Thanks for coming along for the ride. Remember, Pride month is every month 🌈✨

Lots of love,



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