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My Top 5 Podcasts for Women Entrepreneurs 🙋‍♀️🎙️🎧

Updated: May 11

Hi hi!

Today I want to share with you a new series—all of my favorite digital marketing & entrepreneur resources! These are the podcasts, YouTube channels, and books—that have helped myself, other folks grow their businesses using online platforms. It can be hard to achieve REAL, measurable growth; whether you're a content creator, a coach, a stylist, or a therapist! I have worked with wonderful people in these industries as a Digital Marketing Expert. (Shameless plug.) Though I took several marketing courses in school (it was my minor), there is always more to learn. I am constantly seeking to broaden my skillset and learn new things—and without purchasing a $5,000 online course.

The following podcast recommendations will help you believe in your business, attract the perfect clients via social media, and grow your dealings into a sustainable form of income. Before the self-doubt creeps in, I want you to stop and remember that you dream IS possible. If someone else is doing it, you can do it too.

Here are My Top 5 Podcasts for Women Entrepreneurs!

Let's kick off this series with my favorite medium for learning... podcasts! It's too easy to pop one on in the car, when cleaning, or even while working on other projects. I'll share a meaningful episode from each of my favorite shows below. ⬇️

First up is the lovely Kate Taylor Show! This episode is pure GOLD... you'll learn how to create a pricing structure for your business and determine if you should charge hourly or by the package. (There is a right answer!) Kate herself is a stylist, but what I love is that her advice is nearly always applicable to anyone with a dream of making it big. If I could have a lunch/coffee chat with anyone in the industry, it would be Kate, hands down!!

This podcast does exactly as it says on the tin—how do we turn a side hustle into a full-scale business? Nicaila Matthews Okome is a fearless mentor for us all. She reminds us that we are all born with a purpose, and that we need to follow that path, no matter our doubts. This episode is a reminder to believe in our ability to learn by doing, rather than waiting for the perfect idea before we even try.

Next is this AMAZING podcast by Simone Grace Seol: I Am Your Korean Mom, formerly known as The Joyful Marketing podcast. Her podcast has sadly come to an end, but Simone has left behind a treasure trove of episodes, mainly focused on marketing in the life coaching sector. This particular episode is a must-listen for all entrepreneurs who are wondering how to get more engagement on Instagram. This episode will change your life!!!

You're going to love this Aussie gem. Laura Higgins is a coach who shares with us her Business Playbook—one that transforms creative ideas into 6-figure business. When I tell you I NEEDED this episode on how to deal with low engagement on Instagram!!!! It could not have come at a better time. Laura also has a wonderful free download to get you started on the journey toward your first 6-figures.

Finally, lets' touch on everyone's favorite topic... TAXES! (My half-done Schedule C is currently staring at me.) Finding Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax has been a godsend. Her specialty is explaining tax code to creative entrepreneurs... hello?? Each of her episodes are packed with juicy, overly-gatekept tax tips. I chose to share this episode on perfectionism, as we creatives know is a very real struggle. Hannah even has a free printable download breaking down the different categories of business deductions. You won't regret this listen!

Closing Thoughts...

Just a note that I use the term 'woman' very loosely—I use they/she pronouns myself! The advice I shared with y'all today is for ANYONE who feels as though they don't have the tools to 'make it' in this modern world. I hope you found something useful that will help you grow your dreams into a reality.

Alright y'all, that's all I have for you today! I thought I could fit all the books, YouTubers and pods I love into one article, but it would be far too long to read. I guess I'll have to catch you next time. 😉

xoxo, Court

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