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Digital Marketing Consultant

Courtney Davila Marketing Consultant
Courtney Davila Marketing Consultant

Courtney Davila is your full-scope digital consultant.

Courtney is passionate about helping woman-owned and LGBTQ+ owned businesses grow to their fullest potential. Take your business from DIY'ed to streamlined and professional. Courtney loves uplifting local entrepreneurs!

Let's grow your small or medium-sized company into the business of your


Website Design & Optimization | Social Content Creation | Copywriting | SEO Maintenance & Improvements | Keywords, Trends & Analytics Research | Marketing & Branding Advice

Before & After Site Optimization Design


☆ 200% Increase in Page Views in 3 months
300% Increase in Email Subscribers in 6 months
400% Increase in Instagram Followers in 1 year
 Immediate Search Engine Ranking Improvement


Personal Stylists, Beauty & Skincare, Spirituality & Life Coaches, Yoga Studios, Private Tutors, Therapists/Therapy Groups

Digital Content Creation

Courtney is a certified Zilennial (Gen Z & Milennial cusp), so content creation comes naturally. They've been writing blogs and running social media accounts for over 10 years. Courtney has created hundreds of designs for clients' websites and social media channels—all authentic and aligned with their unique branding. If you're feeling stuck and not seeing an increase in followers, it's time for a fresh perspective!

Let's take your online presence from inconsistent to appealing and attractive.

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