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Hey! Welcome to My Blog

Updated: Jan 17

Courtney Davila, LGBTQ+ Wardrobe Stylist

Above: Me, Courtney, at my first styling gig of 2023.

The purpose of this blog is to practice my writing, publish my fashion musings, and if I'm being fully transparent, to draw traffic to my site and to also secure some brand deals!! I'm all about being honest and setting intentions. (read: I'm not religious, I'm spiritual.)

My writing style may be a little insufferable, as I grew up in the enormous blog boom of the 2010s, and would spend hours each day catching up on my favorite bloggers. I even wrote a few blogs of my own! (That nobody read...) If you want to walk down memory lane and get some free blackmail on me, click here.

I'm planning to post some cool backstories about my work, what life as a stylist is like, and definitely fashion & trend-related content. I've got to put my fashion merchandising degree to use somehow!

Follow along, or not. Love ya 💘


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