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Dreamy Gender-Affirming Swimwear 🌊

Updated: May 25

Pool parties. Beach bonfires. Tropical vacations... they all have one thing in common: the dreaded topic of SWIMWEAR!!! 🏊 Whether bathing suits make your body feel exposed, cause gender dysphoria or body dysmorphia, we all deserve better!

Today, I’ve rounded up some impeccable swim options for those with a gender-expansive look, or anyone who wants to rock a non-traditional swim look this summer.

Many women's bathing suits take me right back to the pin-up girl aesthetic I wanted to embody so badly as a teenager. Hip-hugging ruching, high waist silhouettes, push-up swim tops, and polka dots... all now a part of my past. I still slip into the mindset of wanting to appeal to the male gaze, as we all do. Though as my gender expression shifts towards center, I find myself searching for bathing suits that make me feel more neutral about my body, and more excited for swimming/water sports/snorkeling, etc.!

Below, you'll find my grocery list of requirements (& some purchasing tips!) in my search for dream gender-euphoric swimwear…

1: No push-up tops or barely-there string bikinis!! I don’t mind a little boob action (haha)—but I don’t need to be sporting underwire while underwater. I’ve paid my dues, and you verify that with my Victoria’s Secret receipts circa 2014.

2: FULL LINED TOPS ONLY PLEASE! Sending all my love to the free the nip movement...but mine shall stay discreetly hidden behind two layers of fabric and/or light padding 🤗 I just don't want to worry about it!

3: Absolute must: Full coverage on the downstairs. This alleviates the worry about whether or not I should shave, when I just want to be focused on having a good time.

4: Thicker fabrics are going to last longer, but are going to provide a more athletic & unisex appearance. (Thinner fabrics tend to highlight and emphasize the body more.) 

5: Finally, NO HIGH WAIST!! What made me feel sexy and confident in the past, now makes me feel hyper-exposed. I'm ready to honor the parts of myself that want to look different than society expects me to.

Let's get to the fun part, yeah? Time to SHOP!!!

Swim Tops

Now, unlike in the gay dating scene, there are no shortage of tops here! Below are my picks for upper-body bathing suit joy.

Reversible Bikini Top

I love the athletic look of this reversible bikini top—I will absolutely be purchasing this as soon as my size is back in stock!

Bathing suit tank top with cut-out back

I'm actually obsessed with this tankini... the high neckline will be perfect for protecting my chest from freckles! (P.S. I just purchased this one and will absolutely be posting my review when it arrives!)

Striped Bathing Suit Scoop Neck Top

The prints and styles on this site are CUTE as hell! A must-have if you're into bright colors.

Bathing suit top on a model with a mobility device

I love the white binding on this swim tank. It gives it a sense of playfulness!

Bathing suit top

This silhouette of this swim top is super cool. It has great chest coverage while still allowing you to get a tan.

Swim Bottoms

Don't think I forgot about the bottoms! 'Cheeky' and high-cut styles are NOT safe here, folks. We're going for maximum comfort, coverage and camel-toe prevention.

Wavy Printed Short Swim Trunks

If you haven't heard of Humankind, where have you been?? Their gender-expansive swim line is going to rocked by everyone in the LGBTQ+ community this this summer.

Swim Shorts

I'm leery of any kind of close-fitting swim short (hence the mention of camel toe prevention above), but this pair from TomboyX definitely peaks my interest! Major surfer vibes.

Men's board shorts don't always fit curvy bodies right. These thoughtfully designed pairs from Lookabout swim are a great option if you want something unlined!

I'm going to be completely honest—these swim shorts came to me via a targeted Instagram ad! The print is gorgeous, they'e size inclusive, and they're even made of Regenerated ECONYL® Nylon!

Bonus Picks!

Enjoy some extra coverage with these bonus swimwear picks. 👙

Colorblock Rashguard

Though this brand is not the most size-inclusive (XS-XL), but I love the idea of this colorblock rashguard shirt.

Swim Boxers

HOW COOL ARE THESE? Sport these swim liner boxers (or briefs) underneath board shorts or a wetsuit for extra comfort & security. ~Beach underwear anybody?~

Printed Board Shorts

Last but not least.... I had to include this amazing design from Maamgic—I'm wearing these in the first photo on this post.

Whatever swimwear you don this summer, I hope it makes you feel happy, effortless and suits your desired level of coverage!

When it comes to unisex swimwear, there are SO many brands out there to explore, all with unique offerings and various specialties. Though some of these pieces may require more than the $19.99 investment we're used to, these purchases will remain with me for years to come. 


Court 💘

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