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Courtney Davila is pictured in a blue suit standing on the beach. Courntey is a queer wardrobe stylist, fashion photographer and content creator.


Stylist, Photographer & Creative Consultant to Entrepreneurs ✦

Courtney is a wardrobe stylist and digital marketing consultant located in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA. They take an intuitive approach to their work, drawing inspiration from the existing & potential energy of a brand. They specialize in fashion wardrobe styling, portrait photography, and digital marketing for growing brands. Courtney advocates for authenticity and honest self-expression in everything she does.

Hi! 👋 I'm Courtney!
Are you an entrepreneur, creative, or musician and don't feel like you have the right tools to succeed? Enter me—Wardrobe Stylist and Digital Marketing expert, here to take your online (and in-person!) presence to the next level.

Stop feeling creatively stuck, and get ready to skyrocket to success 🚀

Need someone who believes in your dreams as much as you do?

Courtney Davila Stylist


Wardrobe Styling

Seeking an on-set wardrobe stylist that disregards fashion 'rules,' encourages empowerment, and works seamlessly within a team? With origins in the e-commerce industry, Courtney is a passionate stylist for photoshoots and video shoots—catalog and editorial alike. Bring your vision to life with wardrobe shopping & styling services. View the portfolio here.

Courtney Davila E-Commerce Stills Stylist

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